Russia. Arkalyk Kazakhstan. Illustrated Envelop






Arkalyk Kazakhstan.

Illustrated Envelop

Description Arkalyk is a city in Kostanay Region, northern Kazakhstan. Earlier, it was the centre of Torgay Region, which was abolished in 1997. Today, it is the administrative centre of Torgay District, Kostanay Region. Established in 1956, it acquired the status of the city in 1965. The distance from the town of Arkalyk to Kostanay is 480 km (298 mi), to Nur-Sultan is 670 km (416 mi). Population: 28,169
Type Illustrated Envelop. Consumer services enterprises (studios, workshops, hairdressers, laundries, dry cleaners, etc.), concentrated in one building.
Condition: Good
Edges/Corners Fine
Used/Unused Unused
Published by/for: Ministry of Communications, 1987


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