Faroe Islands. Stamps Sc. 4xA23 on letter



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Country Faroe Islands
Title Faroe Islands. Stamps Sc. 4xA23 on letter
Description The Faroe Islands (Føroyar), or the Faeroe Islands, is a North Atlantic archipelago located 320 kilometres (200 mi) north-northwest of Scotland, and about halfway between Norway and Iceland. It is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands have a total area of about 1,400 square kilometres (540 sq mi) with a population of 52,110 as of January 2020.


Stamps Sc. A23 – Rune Stones, 800-1000 AD. New Definitive Issue

Condition: Excellent
Used/Unused Pictorial Cancellation – Tórshavn, 5.10.82


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