Russia. Jermuk,  Armenia. Sanatorium






Jermuk,  Armenia. Sanatorium

Illustrated Envelop

Description Jermuk, is a mountain spa town and the centre of the urban community of Jermuk in Vayots Dzor Province at the south of Armenia, at a road distance of 53 km east of the provincial capital Yeghegnadzor. It was considered one of the popular destinations for medical tourism in the Soviet Union.


Jermuk is known for its hot springs and mineral water brands bottled in the town. It is attractive for its fresh air, waterfall, artificial lakes, walking trails, the surrounding forests and mineral water pools. The town is being redeveloped to become a modern center of tourism and health services. It is also being set up to become a major chess centre, with numerous chess international tournaments scheduled in the town. As per the 2016 official estimate, Jermuk had a population of around 3,400. However, as of the 2011 census, the population of Jermuk was 5,572.

Type Illustrated Envelop. Jermuk,  Armenia. Sanatorium
Condition: Good
Edges/Corners Fine
Used/Unused Unused
Published by/for: Ministry of Communications, 1980


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