Netherlands. FDC Sc. B611a_1 Souvenir Sheet. PTT Centenaries.


NL_FDC_Sc_611a_1 Souvenir Sheet


Country Netherlands NL_FDC_Sc_611a_1 Souvenir Sheet
Title Netherlands. FDC Sc. 611a_1 Souvenir Sheet.

PTT Centenaries.

Description Themes:




Anniversaries and Jubilees | Books | Communication | Finance | Postal Services | Satellite Dishes | Telecommunication | Telephones


Stamp Sc. B609- Parcel Post

Stamp Sc. B610- Public Telephone Service

Stamp Sc. B611- National Savings Bank


Condition: Excellent
Used/Unused FDC Cancellation – Luyksgestel, 19.05.1981


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