Russia. Arseny Shurygin – Russian painter. “Understand me” (1867). Pictorial Postcard



Title Russia.

Arseny Shurygin – Russian painter.

“Understand me” (1867).

Pictorial Postcard

Type Pictorial Post card
Artist Arseny Nikolaevich Shurygin (1841-1873) – Russian genre painter.

Born in 1841 in Tver in the family of an official.


After graduating from the city gymnasium in 1862, he was in the service for about two years, and then (1865) entered the Imperial Academy of Arts as a free student. Received the right to teach drawing in gymnasiums (1866). Received the title of free artist (1868). Since that time, Arseny Shurygin has been a member of the Artists’ Artel under the direction of V.M. Maksimov. Simultaneously with painting, he worked as a draftsman in illustrated publications, mainly in the satirical magazine “Alarm” (edited by N. A. Stepanov).


Shurygin left a few paintings, but what he managed to create in a short period of his difficult artistic career shows that he promised to become a prominent representative of everyday painting. But fate decided otherwise. Shurygin married (1869) O. A. Kiseleva, and three years later caught a cold, a disease of pneumonia, which ended in fleeting consumption and premature death.


He died of consumption in 1873, leaving his wife in extreme poverty .. The artist’s contemporaries noted that if his life were not so fleeting, he could become a significant artist.

Approx. Size 5.8X4.1 inches (15X10.5 cm)
Condition: Good
Edges/Corners Fine
Used/Unused Unused
Published by IZOGIZ Publisher, Moscow, 1958


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